SAT scores still pending! help please!

<p>I sent my scores to seven schools as soon as they came out on the 22nd of December and it's now the 26th and they still say "pending". I paid an extra $30 to have them "rushed" and they should have been there within 2-3 days- or at least sent! January 1st is next monday and I don't know what to do! I am applying ED2 to NYU and I really need my scores to et to them! </p>

<p>anyone had this problem before? how long did it take? I am going to rung them later today and if that doesn't work I will ring NYU to warn them. anyone done that before? were NYU okay with it?</p>


<p>As I understand it, colleges log on to the CollegeBoard website in order to obtain a student's scores. They do not necessarily do that every day. How often they do probably depends on the particular school. I believe most colleges are currently on break now, so they will probably not officially receive your scores until they are back.</p>

<p>I believe that since you "sent" the scores prior to the deadline, you will be fine. I would call the school when they are back in session to check on this.</p>

<p>they can see ALL your scores then?! because I took the SAT 3 times but selected my best score and that's all I want them to see.........!!</p>

<p>thanks for the advice!</p>