SAT scores still pending...

<p>Is anyone else having this problem?
Although I guess I have more of a reason to worry, since I only sent mine out on monday (oops), but one of my scores I ordered "rush shipping", saying that it should arrive 2-3 days. Meaning today or tomorrow. </p>

<p>I'm just freaking out because I called the university I am rushing my scores to and they say that they'll accept things that come in this week. </p>

<p>I called college board and they told me that the college should recieve them by TONIGHT but it's still pending on the college board website!!!! what to dooooooooo??</p>

<p>yes, I am having the exact same problem!
I sent one in early september and it had no problem reaching my school.
I sent 2 two weeks ago, and figured they should arrive no problem.
I kept checking the schools to see if they were received and they havent so I decided to check the college board website, and they are still pending! This is crazy!!
What number did you call?</p>

<p>hey sorry to get back to you so late...i dont know the exact number but if you type in "college board SAT costumer service" you'll see a number :)</p>