SAT scores that won't arrive

<p>Yeah, so I just found out that my parents didn't register me for the Nov. 6th SAT. Never mind that fact that I'm ****ed off as you wouldn't believe right now, I just know that I told P'ton that I would be sending Nov. 6th scores in. Do I need to call and tell them they won't be coming or what?</p>

<p>did you take the 10/04 ones, phil?</p>

<p>I took the SAT II's in October. I've already taken the SAT I, too, but I was trying to raise my score. My hands are trembling as I type this. I'm so angry right now. I think I better go to bed.</p>

<p>Do Standby, people can usually get in w/ standby where I live...there's an extra $35 fee, but it'll easily be worth it.</p>

<p>Don't worry about it. Click this for info on Standby testing:
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<p>Call Princeton and tell them what happened (wait till you've cooled down and do not blame your parents when explaining it..they won't want to hear it). Just say that you mixed up the registration or something; I'm sure they get it all the time. I would do standby if I were you...just tell the people at Princeton that the scores may or may not come depending on whether you get in on test day. It'll be better than waiting until afterwards to apologize for not getting in on standby.</p>

<p>Again, don't stress about it. That's the worst thing you can do. Just study, go to the test center on Nov. 6 w/ your check and info, and try to get in.</p>

<p>One of my friends had to do that once and it went fine. Just be there early enough that you are near the front of the standby line.</p>

<p>Kebree, you are my savior. Really. I can't thank you enough. Maybe this crisis can be averted. <em>rubs temples</em> But yeah, I do need some time to cool down because I'm about to go completely postal. Dangit, I've already missed Family Guy. Shoot.</p>

<p>No problem. Good luck with it...I retook my SAT's once and went up 70 pts. in a really short period of time, so you have a good chance of improving your score (and your chances at Princeton) as long as you stay calm.</p>

<p>I assume that when one requests scores to be sent to a college, either separately by paying a fee or as one of the 4 free designates while registering a SAT test, all the scores of SAT tests taken so far by the student, is sent to the college. Is this correct ? Thanks.</p>

<p>yes, everything unless you took them while there was score choice and didn't release them.</p>

<p>Call several schools in your area that are offering the SAT1 in November and get some idea how many extra tests they have. Some may even reserve a test for you and have a list for kids who are in your situation. If it is your own highschool that gives the test, it may give you preference. Then take the test standby. I would not drag Princeton into it. Adcoms are not into the "my mom didn't ...." stories as you are supposed to be taking care of things yourself. It won't reflect well on you.</p>

<p>Just a quick tip:
Make sure you know what the SAT standby rules are and get there EARLY. My D took the ACT as a standby (and had no problem getting in), but the required arrival time at the test site was much earlier for standby than non-standby students.<br>
She opted to go standby at the largest test site in the area on the theory that they'd be more likely to have extra tests and with more students signed up, more likely to have a couple of no-shows.
When she arrived, the test adminstrators had a waiting list and all standbys signed in and were then called on a first-come, first served basis.
I don't know if SAT works the same way, but would assume it's similar, i.e., that your best shot of getting in standby is to arrive early enough to insure that you're the first standyby student.
And last, but most important (and I know this advice is easier to give than receive) - RELAX and keep in mind that even the best-meaning and best-intentioned of parents can make mistakes too.</p>

<p>Well, that wasn't my intention, jamimom. I was going to call them just to tell them that the scores wouldn't be arriving. I don't want them to wait for/expect something that's not coming. Anyways, everything's been cleared up now and hopefully it'll all work out. :)</p>