SAT Scores to UC's

<p>Quick question, if I want to apply to multiple UC's, do I send my SAT Scores to one of them and the rest see them, or do I have to send score reports to every school one by one? (And the same question for CSU's.)</p>

<p>Despite the one application to all UCs system, you still need to send test scores to each UC. For CSUs you use the CSU Mentor Code when sending SAT and then once you send once, you then use the CSU Mentor System to send to choice of CSUs</p>

<p>I wish it was the same thing for UCs lol. I spend close to $100 sending test scores to colleges.</p>

<p>It is one thing the UCs are considering so something could potentially happen for next year. The thing is until a couple years ago the UCs did not even require you to send official scores until after you were admitted; instead, you just listed them in application and sent scores only if you received new scores you wanted to send after applying.</p>

<p>They should, applying to colleges is ridiculously expensive now a days.</p>

<p>my high school counselor said at some UC meeting for counselors sometime in fall 09, they said that if you send scores to one UC it goes to all of them. because of some central uc system or sth.</p>

<p>^^^ This is correct. You do not have to pay per UC to send your scores..... I just went through this with my son so I know it to be true!</p>

<p>We have been doing SAT test registrations online. Every test (SAT I, for sure) comes with 4 free reports at the time of registration (please see College Board's website for more and updated info). If you are going to register for a future test, take advantage of the 4 free report allowance, send to the 4 schools that you are definitely applying to. Yes, people may not know if they will do well in the test and would rather wait until they actually see the scores. $40 vs. uncertainty, who knows? </p>

<p>Good luck.</p>

<p>For the past few years there have been rumors that you could send to just one campus and they would all get it, but it did not seem to work until THIS year. I saw at least a few posts (such as momfirst3's) saying that it had worked. Much of the confusion comes from the UC admissions website where you can find BOTH answers:

Note: Freshman applicants for fall 2010 must arrange to have official score reports sent to UC by December 2009. If you report your scores to one campus, they will be shared with all campuses you have applied to. University</a> of California Admissions



Report Test Scores</p>

<p>If you apply as a freshman for the fall 2010 term, you must take two SAT Subject Tests and the ACT Assessment plus Writing or SAT Reasoning Test no later than December 2009. Direct the testing agencies to report your scores to each UC campus to which you plan to apply. They must be received by the campuses by the time December tests scores are normally reported. If you apply as a freshman for the winter or spring term, check with the campus admissions office about relevant testing deadlines. University</a> of California - Admissions


<p>If you decide to just send to one campus, I suggest printing out the webpage (linked in the first quote box, above) saying that is acceptable to do so and double-checking with each campus to be sure the scores were received. If the scores were not received you can use the UC admissions directions saying it was accdeptable to insist they accept the scores.</p>

<p>I was not aware of this. My teacher told me I had to send it to send the scores to each campus.</p>

A lot of people take the SAT or any other important tests their junior year and most of them don't know to which campus they will apply to so it would be pointless to send them to a specific campus since they can't even apply yet.</p>

<p>Up until this year, I was telling people to send to each campus as well. (Like your teacher, I thought "better safe than sorry.") Until it showed up on an official UC Admissions source I did not think it was a good idea to take the chance of a campus not getting it. And there were others like momfirst3 who verified that it worked smoothly for them. I would strongly encourage you to follow up and be SURE the scores have been received at each campus.</p>

<p>Lol, there is no point now. I am already done with the application process and committed to a school. I just wish the UC's had some central code like the CSU's (alas CSU Mentor) where you can just send it there and all campuses receive it.</p>

<p>Agree with ProteinMan that not every one can use the 4 free score reports. My S did (some years ago) and my D (class of 2014) did not.</p>

<p>^ Well, since sending to one UC means they all get it, you don't have to know which UCs you will apply to - just put ONE UC down to receive a free score report, and they will all get it. You decide later to which specific campuses you will apply.</p>

<p>^^^ Exactly, that's what you do. My son picked Berkeley to receive his free score report and every UC he applied to got it!</p>

<p>Actually, the ludicrous part about it this year, was that they changed the website to reflect the promise that if you send the score report to one UC, and that it'll be sent to ALL, was AFTER the deadline they told us to send it by (December 2009!) Dozens of my friends, including me, were incredibly mad, due to not being able to get any refunds =/ We all read the UC website and were told by admissions/college counselors clearly that we must send all test reports to ALL UCs that we applied to. However, some of my friends, who procrastinated and didn't order until sometime during December, had a great time with their fees D<</p>

<p>So alert to any incoming freshman applicants - you can now just send one score report to a UC, and now EVERY UC will receive it. Lucky you!</p>

But what if you where to take your tests junior years. You can't just send them to a UC one year before applying. I don't think they keep tests stored for non applicants</p>

<p>Yes, they do keep them for a year and more. My daughter completed all of her testing junior year and sent out the free score reports. We double-checked in November of her senior year to be sure UC Berkeley and one private (of the four schools she selected junior year) still had the scores on file, and they did. Remember, the score reports are all done electronically, so they aren't making a paper file that has to be kept all year.</p>