Sat scores unavailable

<p>Hi, for those in the same situation from past experience, how many days after the score release date did you get your SAT score? Although it says 5-7 days, I'm guessing it would take much longer.</p>

<p>I truly appreciate your responses.</p>

<p>Yea same sitch, would like to find out BUMPPPP</p>


<p>maybe its because guys had a huge jump in your score from your previous test so College Board is hold your scores back to check for cheating ? im not sure :(
I hope you guys find out !!!! :) good luck</p>


<p>Guys, would really appreciate your input on this.</p>

<p>wait. they have lost like 3 of my friends' tests before.
two of them were returned 2-3 weeks late. the other one had to wait like 3 months, it was lost in the system or something.</p>

<p>there's not a lot you can do now, so loosen up a bit.</p>



<p>did you take them at a later date or something? cause i had to take a makeup test so my scores aren't out either :/
and i read somewhere that scores only come out on tuesdays and thursdays, so i think if they were to release your scores this week, it'd be tomorrow or thursday?</p>

<p>I doubt too many people could predict your problem, you probably have to find out yourself. Call or email the College Board, and explain your situation...make sure you include the testing center, and Reg. ID if you still have it.</p>

<p>I had my subject scores delayed for 2 days (800,760)</p>

<p>have you ever gotten your late SAT scores?</p>

<p>I was delayed twice, including this time,. The first time the score was disgorged from cb in one week, the reason of delay being the information faulty. This time i was reported and don't know how long will it takes, especially during Christmas holidays. And what's more. This is the last time i could take it, and i worriedly await to send my scores to colleges!</p>