SAT scores under administrative review?

Anyone have any experience with their SAT scores being put under administrative review? My son took the SAT on March 12. We were supposed to receive his scores last Friday but he got an email saying the score release was being delayed for an extended review. It’s nerve wracking to keep waiting and not know exactly what’s going on, although he’s hoping it just got electronically flagged due to a large score increase. Anyone have experience with this process? Thanks

Did he take it at school or at a location with others? Have you heard others are having the same issue from his test site? There could have been a testing irregularity that they have to investigate with the proctor or process followed.

Hi. He took it at his high school on a Saturday when there were kids from our town and other local towns there. He already talked to his guidance counselor and she confirmed that it wasn’t an issue on the school’s end and that no one else had reported a similar issue. This is useful to know as it eliminates some possibilities.

We read online that sometimes they take time to look at the handwriting in the SAT booklet to make sure the same person took the test if there is a large score disparity. In his case this would be fine—they’re welcome to go through all his jottings from his December and March tests. Just wandering if anyone had experience with what happens next? Do the scores just show up after the review?

In case anyone ever looks back at this, I figured I’d update with results. We never found out what triggered a review, but about 6 weeks later his scores suddenly appeared (after the timeframe they gave us).

The scores were 130 points better than the first SAT scores my DS had received three months before, but completely aligned with what his PSATs would have predicted—so who knows. Good luck to anyone who finds themself in this situation!


Thanks for circling back and so happy it all worked out!