Sat scores

<p>Is it possible for your school's average sat score to correlate with the quality of your school? For example if your school's average sat score is 1141, does that tell anything about your school quality?</p>

<p>I guess it does.What SAT tests is the basic knowledge you gained in school.For example here, in my town (i'm an international student) we've got around 4 different types of High Schools (Math High School , Economics High School , High School of Foreign Languages and so on) . At an average, the students in most of the schools receive mainly As And Bs , but in the Math High school , the percent of graduates who go into eminent universities is much higher than the others. Therefore their average results on standartized tests are much greater.</p>


<p>If 1141 is M+V, then you attend a competitive high school. If 1141 is M+V+R, then it is not.</p>