SAT scores

<p>I just took the SAT today and I don't think I did so well. Last time I took it in january, I answered all the math and writing questions and got a 2060. This time around, I skip at least one or two questions on the math, writing, and reading portions. I'm contemplating whether I should cancel my grade because what happened if I get a bad SAT grade this time around? I know collegeboard sends all the SAT grades to the colleges I want them to but do colleges take into account low SAT grades even though I might make a higher grade than 2060 the next time I take it?</p>

<p>no, they only look at the highest scores.</p>

<p>I actually took a practice one at the local library that my mom signed me up for on one day's notice (i'm a sophomore), and I had no clue what it was like or anything. I ended up doing really well though, to my surprise
I have absolutely no clue how, but I ended up getting a 2010! Which, I would say is great for taking a test cold turkey. So I'm happy, I won't be worrying about it TOO much! lol</p>

<p>I hope Collegeboard gives a BIG curve for today's test. -.-;</p>