SAT Scores

So I got a 1370 and that got automatically sent to stanford. But I got a 1490 that I only self reported on the Common App, will they consider my 1490 since I applied NOT test optional

What you gotta do is contact the admissions office ASAP and get them to consider that 1490! Tell them you absolutely do not want them to consider the 1370. A 1490 is obviously a much better score.

I did, no reply tho, they superscore apparently, but I am banking on the fact that I self reported my scores through the common app and the applicant portal. So they will I hope see my 1490.

They should reply within the next few days. Good luck on your Stanford application!

If you reported a 1490 on your application then they will consider your 1490.


yeah it’s on the CommonApp so ig my anxiety is calmed rn lol.

Pretty sure when they see 1490, the 1370 will be ignored.

I hope so, I mentioned it in the application so I hope they see it.