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<p>I've noticed that most of the average SAT scores for South Carolina range from 1250-1400's, does anyone know if this is for the old SAT? On the website it was stated that many of the Capstone scholars had SAT ranges in the 1250s-1400 range.While this is great for the old SAT, it is only average for the new SAT. Does anyone have access to the scores from last year? can anyone clarify?</p>

<p>This is based on the Old SAT</p>

<p>its based on the two parts.they don't use the writing score part, like so many other colleges.</p>

<p>thank you I figured it was the Old SAT but I wanted to make sure. DOes anyone know if they put out the average freshman score for the New SAT?</p>

<p>Any average score reported for the current freshmen class is based on the new SAT but only the verbal and math sections. Like so many other colleges, SC is currently collecting the wriiting scores and will be evaluating how these scores correlate to success for currently admitted students but they are not used to determine actual admission. Until SC determines the best way to use the writing score in the admissions process, that component of the new SAT will not be reported for incoming classes.</p>

I've noticed that most of the average SAT scores for South Carolina range from 1250-1400's,


<p>this is a little high.<br>
with scores in the 1250-1400 range you are looking at not only admission but a scholarship - depending on the rest of your admissions package of course.</p>

<p>from the USC website:

Admission to the university is selective; the majority of admitted students score at or above 1070-1250 (the middle fifty percent of admitted students) on the SAT,* and have a B+ or better high-school average.


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<p>It looks like the OP was referring to the Capstone scholars in particular. I would say that she is right on for that portion and then the general university numbers would be as Justamom stated.
These numbers are based on math and CR only, fyi.</p>

<p>I understand that scholarships are dependent on keeping above 3.0 average. Does anyone know what % of scholarship recipients lose their scholarships by slipping below 3.0? Apparently once that happens, scholarship is gone for good and can't be re-earned by pulling average back above 3.0.</p>