Sat Strategies

<p>Hey everyone, post your sat strats regarding both math and verbal, but especially math:)
What is the key to missing no questions?</p>


<p>Not that I've missed no questions, but.. Study =)</p>

<p>Random stuff:</p>

<p>On difficult questions, the obvious choice is the wrong answer.</p>

<p>2 is the smallest prime # and is the only even prime</p>

<p>Not drawn to scale means “Use what you read, not what you see.”</p>

<p>Word, this question is really broad. Look at any good test prep book, and you'll find at least a dozen strategies. My favorites ones might be: plugging in numbers for math questions and working backwards (working with the answer choices first) in analogies.</p>

<p>Don't even try to algebraically solve problems like "M people can make G donuts in U hours. If 6 more people join M people how many donuts can they make in .7 hours?"</p>