SAT Studying Guide

I took a practice test and got a pretty bad score. Went online and purchase an SAT Math guide and SAT Grammer book to help me study. Im switch between the math and grammar book every day and I feel like I keep forgetting the things I learn. It’s hard for me to absorb the information I’m getting from these books. Any recommendations on a study play or any methods I should do after every lesson?

Khan Academy has free online SAT practice…maybe online practice would be a better tool for you?


Seconding Khan Academy. It builds a schedule for you and gives you practice in the areas you need work in. Helped me get a very good SAT score from a decent PSAT score.


By “absorbing the information”, do you mean that you go over the questions you answered incorrectly and try to understand why you got them wrong, and not just trying to commit the answers to memory?

It was hard for me to remeber important formulas and concepts like the grammar rules or what each variable of the standard form for a parabola is.

Are you are a rising senior and applying to begin college in the fall of 2023? What worked for me were rote AND understanding the basic principles. Perhaps you are not used to memorizing, therefore it might take some time for one’s brain to engage in a different mode; don’t be discouraged.

I am a rising Junior. Thanks for the advice, I’ll keep stuyding.

Please have a look at these common sense tips, which will help you get points.