SAT Subject Matter Exams

<p>Curious what you think about 600 on Math and 740 on Literature for a prospective Wellesley student? She is likely to major in either English or Theatre Studies. Math is not a strength but she doesn't plan on being a doctor or scientist. Any thoughts on whether she should take another one of the tests? She has always been in honors level math so she's not ducking it by any means. Thanks.</p>

<p>My daughter (who just finished her first year at Wellesley) took the ACT with writing instead of the SAT/subject tests, which is an option. We are from the midwest and SATs are not very common here.</p>

<p>Her ACT scores reflected a much higher score in the English section than the Math. So by deduction Wellesley doesn't require you to be perfect in both areas? She also took honors level math courses in high school (but didn't take AP Calculus or Statistics).</p>

<p>I would suggest that she retake the Math test to increase her scores. 600 is not bad, but many Wellesley students are higher..</p>

<p>I would second trying the ACT/ taking a third subject test (if there is one that makes sense). </p>

<p>Obviously, higher scores are "better," but Wellesley doesn't expect perfection in all areas. Wellesley has a mix of "humanities-only" "sciences- only" and "good-at-'everything'" types. Who knows, your daughter might really find out that she likes science in college.</p>