SAT Subject scores

<p>I got 770 in math 2, and 750 in math 1 in october 01 , 2011 test? How would you feel about these scores?</p>

<p>I think those are great scores.
What colleges are you looking at? It kind of depends on that...</p>

<p>Applying to architecture schools at pratt institute, umich, yale, univ at buffalo and cornell.
Any comments?</p>

<p>I think those scores are adequate for those schools. Math 1 could be a little better but it is well known that it doesn't have as good a curve as Math 2 and, I have heard, Math 2 is more important to colleges.</p>

<p>They might be a little low for yale, a little high for pratt and buffalo, and about average (if not slightly above) for umich. Cornell is between umich and yale I would say...</p>