SAT Subject Test Biology E or Biology M

<p>Which is easier??</p>

<p>I've only had an honors biology course, but I was thinking of self studying for the sat subject test. Which one is easier??</p>

<p>Also, what is the curve like? Most people take ap bio then take the sat so i'm guessing the curve is super high -____-</p>

<p>Definitely self-study for the SAT Biology exam. I took AP Biology my first semester of Junior year (I have crappy block-schedule). The SAT Biology-E is relatively easier than Biology-M in my opinion. But yet again I have always had a joy for ecology. I did decent on the SAT Biology exam (got average), nothing spectacular. I should have studied more because it is definitely different than the AP Biology exam (which I was expecting to be similiar which is why I didn't study). And for the difference between E and M, it all depends on what you're good at. The E mainly goes over ecology, oceans, kingdoms, etc. And Molecular goes over well, I'm not entirely sure because I didn't take M haha. I just remember skimming through it and was like "yeah, I'll take E".</p>

<p>I prefer to learn about molecular biology over ecology, but I took the E-test. E is generally easier since you don't have to recall as many details, plus common sense can be used to answer more questions in ecology than molecular biology. The E-test has 20 extra questions on organism interactions, energy movement, biomes etc. The M-test has 20 extra questions on photosynthesis, respiration, biochemistry, etc. Considering that you've only taken a biology honors cores, you've probably already learned the level of ecology you need to know, but haven't gone in depth enough in molecular biology. No matter if you choose E or M, though, the test will have 30 core questions that come from BOTH ecology and microbiology. So its not of matter of: Which do I study? You study both. Its a matter of: Which am I better at? </p>

<p>The curve is not nearly as good as the AP Bio test. You can only miss maybe 2 on the SAT for a perfect score, whereas you only need about 65% of the total points to get the maximum score on the AP test. The SAT Bio test is easier though.</p>


<p>*The test has 60 core questions from ecology and molecular biology.</p>

<p>ooh sounds good.. I guess I'll just take practice tests of both and see which one i'm better at. Did any of you take the chem sat 2? I just took the one in june and I'm wondering what the curve is usually like</p>