SAT Subject Test Crisis :/

<p>So I just recently signed up to take SAT II's and signed up to take Chemistry, Math II, and US History. Last year I took the Biology SAT and scored a 760. I know that the max colleges require for a student (Harvard, Yale, Princeton) is 3 subject tests. </p>

<p>My question: would it be better to not take my US History test? My teacher was terrible, so I would really have to self-study the whole thing. Do you think colleges want to see something other than math and science (although I plan on majoring in science) or would they rather see 3 really strong scores in the same subject area?</p>

<p>I'm just kind of worrying about this cause I don't want to take time away from studying Chem and Math II for studying History if it wouldnt be helpful.</p>

<p>Princeton</a> University | Standardized Testing
"All applicants must also take two SAT Subject Tests. "
Standardized</a> Testing for Freshman Applicants | Yale College Admissions
You must submit scores from either:</p>

<p>The SAT and any two SAT Subject Tests
Harvard</a> College Admissions ยง Applying: Frequently Asked Questions
All applicants, must also submit the results of two SAT Subject Tests.</p>

<p>I would say forget the history and focus on the subjects you're stronger in. Since you have specific colleges you're interested in, it couldn't hurt to call those admissions offices and get their advice.</p>