SAT Subject test failure

Hello. Just got a Subject SAT test score that is DRASTICALLY different from the multiple practice scores the students completed while preparing for the test. While we understand that the real test is different, we did not expect to see such a huge discrepancy in the outcome. We are planning on requesting a manual score verification. Has anybody ever experienced something similar? Have you requested your test re-checked? What was the outcome?
PS. We understand this is a Subject test (not regular SATs). We won’t report it anywhere and will forget about it. We are just in shock from the actual results. Trying to understand how that is possible…

Way too much use of the word “we.” “We” did not take the exam and “we” are not filling out applications. Your kid is.

But no, I have never seen a change resulting from a manual rescore. If the score was drastically off, the usual reason is the kid misbubbled.

Thank you for your reply, Skieurope.
Of course, it is the kid who took the test. I re-read my own post. It is indeed a lot of “we”. Unintentional, but WE (including the kid) are indeed in a shock ))).
Thank you for your feedback regarding the score changes. I wish it was possible to know for sure…

Historically, I’ve seen lots of “no way this score is correct, I’m getting it rescored”, not any “the score was changed” until this year’s AP tests (1 instance) which were subjectively-scored essays.

Optical scanners are quite accurate unless your student used a very strange writing instrument or was very poor at staying inside the lines.

That said, I’m sure it’s happened at some point and piece of mind may be worth the investment.

Data point - one section of my PSAT score dropped drastically Soph to Junior year. I realized after the test that for the old “A is bigger, B is bigger, C they’re the same, D not enough data is available” that I reversed C and D. I’ve also heard of students who offset answers by 1 line. Unfortunately, those can’t be adjusted, AFAIK.

@RichInPitt , thank you for your reply. I wish we could get a definite answer regarding what happened. There is clearly a reason unrelated to test readiness. Not that the score matters that much - this is more for a piece of mind…