SAT Subject Test: Math 2

<p>Hey all,
I'm taking the Math 2 subject test this Saturday, and I really want to get in the 730-740+ range. I just took a Sparknotes practice test. Are they harder than the actual thing, or easier? On one of them, I got a 730....
Also, on the real thing, how many must you miss, and how many must you leave blank to get... I don't know, a 750?</p>

<p>Thanks so much for your answers!</p>

<p>Everyone usually says Sparknotes is relatively accurate in terms of difficulty; perhaps slightly harder.</p>

<p>Curves vary with each test administration (for example, the curve in March was different than the one in May), but if you want to give yourself a rough estimate, you can check out Sparknotes' online raw score conversion chart and calculate your raw scores in different scenarios (ie miss 2, 5 wrong, answered all --> calculate raw score --> convert to real score).</p>