! SAT Subject Test Prep Book List*

<p>(Aside from the Real SAT IIs)</p>

<p>Chemistry – Barron’s (over preparation), PR
Math IIC – Barron’s (over preparation), PR (about the same level)
Physics – PR
US History – PR
Latin – REA (just came out, not sure if it’s good. there aren’t a lot of Latin prep books)
Biology – PR, Kaplan
Literature – PR
Spanish – Barron’s practice tests</p>

<p>This is based on the information accumulated from the SAT Subject Tests Preparation threads. Feel free to change or add anything.</p>

<p>Chemistry – Kaplan
Math IIC – Barron’s (over preparation), Sparknotes
Math IC- PR
Physics – PR
US History – Kaplan
Latin – REA (just came out, not sure if it’s good. there aren’t a lot of Latin prep books)
Biology – PR, Kaplan
Literature – PR
Spanish – Barron’s practice tests
World History: Kaplan</p>

<p>What about for French?</p>

<p>And do you guys pretty much agree that PR is the best for Physics and Math IIC?</p>

<p>bump ok good</p>

<p>How's Kaplan for Lit?</p>

<p>And I would definitely recommend Barron's and PR for Chem. With two weeks of rigorous study with thiose books (mainly Barron's; PR helped to clarify things), a year in regular chem, and 2 months in AP Chem, I got an 800 on the SATII Chem with only one question that I didn't know and one that I was unsure about.</p>

<p>bump bump bump</p>

<p>I took three SAT IIs and got 800 for Chem, 750 for Phys, 780 for Math IIC</p>

<p>Chemistry – Barron’s (practice tests recommended, review is redundant though. In fact I found Barron's tests much similar to the real one), PR (CE questions review is good, the test is good too but the book covered less than required), Kaplan (good to review, ugly tests)</p>

<p>Math IIC – Barron’s (over preparation - agreed). Honestly I did not prepare for the test so don't have much to say.</p>

<p>Physics – haven't use PR but heard that it's good. I recommended Kaplan because of the review. The practices are of similar types with the real test, but quite easier and shorter. You don't need Barron's for Physics, it's insane :p</p>

<p>chillaxin...although pr's lit might have a better review (since everybody recommends it) i don't think it has that many practice tests (3 i think) ... all i did was take all 8 of kaplan's tests and i got an 800...i guess it depends on how much time you have</p>

<p>Does anyone know how close the PR Math 1 tests are to the real Math 1 tests?</p>

<p>One more question...How accurate is Peterson's?</p>

<p>Never heard of Peterson's, but PR's Math II was EXACTLY like the actual test so I'd say you're good to go.</p>

<p>can someone give me a link to the PR Bio & History? i can't find PR anywhere (on amazon and bn, at least).</p>

<p>College Board's Real SAT II Subject Tests. Doesnt go very in-depth into each subject, but the practice tests are good.</p>

<p>So Barron's Math IIC overprepares? And is Princeton review the best prep book for the Math? Which biology test gives an easier curve?</p>

<p>How is the Barrons World History?</p>

<p>what do you think of Sparknotes preparation for physics and chemistry?</p>

<p>Barron's Math IIC does overprepare you for the SAT II. If you want a prep book that has about the same level as the real thing, go for PR.</p>

<p>for me:
barron's math 2 800
barron's physics 800
kaplan's chemistry 700</p>

<p>Barron's Math IIC overprepares you... it's crazy..</p>

<p>if you can get over 40 (raw score), 800 in real test is pretty much guaranteed.</p>

<p>I have heard many people say that bio-e has an easier curve than bio-m. would you agree?</p>