SAT subject test registration confusion

I registered for the SAT II Bio E/M test for January 26 that's coming up this Saturday. I had wanted to register for the Math II test a month or two ago but got locked out of the January 26th date after registering only for the Bio test. I called Collegeboard and they said apparently I could register for another test AT the test site ON the day of the test, which sounds very sketchy but they said it happens all the time. Has anyone else had an experience like this and is what the operator said over the phone true?

<p>Hi! While I’ve never actually had to switch subject tests, it is completely true that you can change subjects once you get there. The test administrator gives everybody a book that has ALL of the subject tests in it. You write which test you are going to take on your answer sheet, flip to that test in your book, and start when the proctor tells you to. I’m fairly sure the proctor doesn’t know which test you’re going to take when you come in. Best of luck on Math II!</p>

<p>Forgot to mention, it doesn’t matter how many you sign up for. You use the same book and add extra tests if you want to. Just follow the proctor’s instructions for paying on site.</p>

<p>Hey! Thanks for the replies. Yes, I was planning to do both Math 2 and Bio EM. Do we remain in the room and just keep taking 1 hour interval tests in the booklet until we’re done? Sorry, this is my first series of subject tests and I just don’t want to go in clueless :)</p>

<p>There’s a short like 5-minute break in between the different tests. That way people don’t get completely exhausted. :slight_smile: Also, you can take a max of 3 per session (and even 3 is pushing it…), but I found 2 mostly manageable.</p>