SAT subject test requirements

<p>1) How many SAT subject tests are required?
2) If I take SAT subject math II and SAT subject chemistry, will it satisfy the SAT subject test requirements?
3) If I submit ACT score, do I still need to submit SAT subject test scores?
4) If I submit SAT reasoning test score, do I need to submit all SAT test scores, including SAT subject test scores?
5) What is the URL link to the school's SAT/ACT test policy? </p>


<p>And you wish to get into Harvard :rolleyes:</p>

<p>Jesus Christ; you are either just incredibly lazy or incredibly stupid (or both - likely in your case). </p>

<p>Harvard</a> College Admissions § Applying: Requirements</p>

<p>The above link has all the information you need, took me 2 seconds to get that through Google.</p>

<p>^ be nice. I agree that it would have been more than easy for the op to look it up themselves but sometimes these University admission pages can be intimidating and confusing for some</p>

<p>Well to be fair, if one is intimidated or confused by admissions pages (which are by nature designed to be as simple as possible), what hope is there for the OP to get through the rest of the admissions process.</p>

<p>It's just laziness as far as I can tell from the OP's point :rolleyes:</p>

<p>I agree ^^. Students who cannot navigate an Ivy school admissions website, either out of fear, laziness, or confusion is not really ready for the challenges of a top college.</p>