SAT subject test requirements

<p>1) How many SAT subject tests are required?
2) If I take SAT subject math II and SAT subject chemistry, will it satisfy the SAT subject test requirements?
3) If I submit ACT score, do I still need to submit SAT subject test scores?
4) If I submit SAT reasoning test score, do I need to submit all SAT test scores, including SAT subject test scores?
5) What is the URL link to the school's SAT/ACT test policy? </p>


<p>You are required to take 2 subject tests, anymore and your highest score is used for admission. Those would fulfill it. You still need to submit the SAT OR the ACT. They have score choice, you can choose which to send in.</p>

<p>1) 2 subject tests are required (unless the policy is changed).
2) Yes, I believe it will.
3) Yes, if you take the ACT, you still need to submit 2 subject test scores.
4) You need to take the SAT (or ACT) and additionally submit 2 SAT subject test scores.
5) The link to Princeton's standerdized testing policy is - Princeton</a> University | Standardized Testing</p>