SAT subject test scores available Nov 23, still time to send in to ED colleges?

<p>I am taking 3 SAT subject test on Nov 6. Scores will be available Nov 23. I am applying ED to a school with an early decision deadline of Nov 15. Will I still be able to/should I send my scores in, even though I will have already sent my application in (assuming that I do well and want to send my scores in)?</p>

<p>(The school I'm applying to ED is Bates, if that helps)</p>

<p>From your post, I’m assuming that SAT subject tests aren’t required for admission to Bates. If they aren’t, I see no reason why you should not be able to send in your SAT scores after the deadline. If they are required (and you haven’t taken some already), then I would think that you would be unable to apply ED there as you can’t meet the deadline.</p>

<p>Bates doesn’t require any testing, so I suppose that would mean I could send my scores in after the deadline. Is this commonly done?</p>