SAT Subject test

<p>I was totally unaware until a couple of weeks ago that Georgetown required students to take SAT Subject tests!</p>

<p>I took Spanish for 3/4 years but stopped after my sophomore year -- mainly because I hated it -- so I'm not sure how much that will hurt me in applying to GT. I don't know if I'd be able to take the SAT II for Spanish, quite frankly.</p>

<p>What are the tests that people most often take? I could probably do well on US History and Literature. How hard is Math II as compared to Math I?</p>

<p>What are these tests like?</p>

<p>The subject tests, at least as far as history is concerned, are very similar to the multiple choice section of the AP Exams for the respective subject. That being said, they are not easy. My advice would be to get a book dedicated to particular subject tests. Kaplan offers very good books.</p>

<p>Each test is an hour, and there is a penalty for wrong answers. I have taken U.S. History, and while it is not awful, I would not recommend taking it unless you have taken AP U.S. History. If you can do well on the Critical Reading SAT section, you may do well on Literature.</p>

<p>The Math II Sat Subject Test involves Pre Calculus, but has a better curve that Math I. If your applying to Georgetown, you should also know that two essays are required and there is an extensive interview process.</p>