SAT subject tests in different areas

<p>Hello everyone,</p>

<p>I wanted to inquire if Brown accepts scores from 2 math SAT subject tests. In other words, if the student has pretty good(not exceptional, but ok) scores in math, and one avergae score in US history(student is an international, having taken no courses in this subject), will Brown consider only math scores, not counting those in US history subject test?</p>

<p>Thank you in advance.</p>

<p>as long as they are different levels (math 1 and math 2) and you don't send the US history test</p>

<p>Hey Philanthropist,</p>

<p>Brown probably does, but I'd urge you not to send just your math scores. Typically, students pick one of the two math tests to take, or if they do take both, they just send one of the scores. Since I'm assuming you're applying next fall or later, you have time to take another test - go ahead and do that. Sending just the two math scores won't give Brown an idea of what you're capable of, and it doesn't really show you off as a well-rounded student.</p>

<p>bruno14 thank you for your response. Unfortunately, I have already applied to Brown, and I don't have any time to retake the exam. My scores are: lvl1: 730, lvl2:750, US history:630. I have already sent all of my scores to Brown together with my complete history of SAT testing. I really want the university to have a complete picture of my strenghts and weaknesses. However, I had an interview and I explained the alumni that this scores could be lower than average score at the university. I also talked to her about history, and I think she saw how I was really familiar with this subject. I hope this helps. The testing doesn't really represent what I know, and I have some accomplishment, indicating that I really know history well.</p>