SAT Subject tests required?

Prepscholar (which I do not trust 100%) says that Bryn Mawr requires SAT subject tests if your submitting SAT scores, which was a bit of a nasty surprise given that I thought I had all the important testing out of the way.
I couldn’t find anything about the SAT subject tests on the Bryn Mawr website, (which only makes my distrust of prepscholar stronger) but I just want to confirm it 100%-- does Bryn Mawr require the SAT subject tests to get into any of their departments?

Hi, current student here. BMC is test optional, so I don’t believe you need SAT Subject scores, although you can send them if you want. When I applied I submitted my ACT scores and my US History SAT Subject test.

Always go straight to the university’s website. There is nothing about SAT II subject tests.