SAT Subject Tests!!

<p>MIT asks for only 2 Subject tests. But is there any harm in sending a 3rd one?
My SAT II scores are- Maths LevelII-800, Phy-800, Chem-750.
Should I send just my 2 perfect scores as required by MIT or send in my chem score as well?</p>

<p>If you took them all in one sitting, the third one will go automatically.
Otherwise, it's your choice. They will only look at the best scores, though.</p>

<p>Well, I took five SAT 2's and submitted all of them because I don't know how to not send all of them...</p>

<p>I gave Maths & Phy together in NOV & Chem in DEC, so I do have a choice.
What should I do now?</p>

<p>I guess a 750 in chem is not a bad score, so I will send it (it's actually higher than my chem score..)</p>

<p>There is only one spot on the application to report a Science SAT 2 score, so naturally you should put down your physics score. </p>

<p>As for the actual score report, they obviously use it to verify the scores you report, but I don't know if they look at the other scores on the report. Either way, a 750 won't hurt you (if at all it is even considered).</p>

<p>If you send it, they will see it. You have all great scores, basically the general thought is that anything above 700 is considered equal to anything else above 700 for subject tests. I had 750 on chem and math 1 and got accepted. I think that it won't really have too much of an impact on your admission decision however if you do or don't send the extra test. I mean they will see it and be like "well that is nice" but I think beyond that it won't do anything. That's probably a good thing though, MIT admission is not all about the numbers. Good luck!</p>