SAT Subject tests

I’m applying to American University early decision this coming fall (I will be dual majoring in Political Science and International Relations if that affects this), and I was wondering if I should take the SAT subject tests. If so, how many?

I would definitely take US History, as I got a five on the exam, and Literature since I’m very good at English. I would love to take World, but it isn’t available until December, which is after my application will be submitted.

Thank you for your help!!

I looked on their website (I would encourage you to do the same!) and it seems like they are not required, but they are strongly recommended. Once again, you SHOULD verify this for yourself by doing your own research!!!

Since they’re recommended, I think that you should definitely take subject tests. Most schools that require subject tests only want two (with the exception of Georgetown and some others), so you should take US History and Literature on the same day so you can send in your scores in time. Since you’re applying early decision and have left this until fall of senior year, you won’t have the luxury of taking more tests and then choosing your best scores to send- so, study study study and make sure you do well on these!!!

I also got a five on the APUSH exam, but I found that the US subject test was structured a little differently than I expected- don’t think that just because you got a five on a test a few months ago you don’t have to study for this one. Good luck!

That’s what I found in my research as well, I just wanted confirmation from other students!

For some reason, my school has told us NOTHING about the Subject tests, so the vast majority of students don’t even know what they are. Myself and some other students (who, for the most part, are the top tenth students) recently discovered that this is something a lot of schools want, so we’re all taking them together and carpooling to the closest site (which is over an hour away!!), but we still don’t really know how many to take since the school has been less than helpful.

Thank you so much for your help! I’ll definitely take those two then (and look at the way the US test is structured!) and let everyone else know that two or three is ideal. Thanks again!

Yikes! I’m glad you figured it out before it was too late. You are technically allowed to take three subject tests in one day and given what you just told me, I would recommend you do that so you can send all three or send your best two. You could take US, Lit, and World, but it might be helpful if you took a non-history test for your third one. Good luck!

PS please PM me if you have any questions!

Maybe you could take Math II as your third one? If you don’t mind science, you could do a science one as the third one.