SAT Subject Tests

I have a Subject Test on Nov. 2nd and I know that my scores are not going to help me at ALL. I have already delayed it once. I think that it might be best to cancel it even though that is a waste of my money. Should I bother taking them?

If you know for a fact they will be of zero help, then it seems to be a waste of time.

How you know that is a separate question.

by zero help I guess I mean I took some practice tests and I got scores that were way too low for the schools I’m aiming for. I took precal my freshman year and I’m a senior now so, it turns out there are some gaps in my memory. I’m not sure of it’s worth it to have low scores or to have no scores.

Don’t give up bro. You never know. Cos the tests you take on the day could be a little easier. Trying it is much better than cancelling it