SAT Subject Tests

With so many schools going test optional, and many stating they do not require subject tests, should rising senior DD skip subject tests altogether?

Given the limited testing opportunities right now and that hardly any colleges require them, I would place a strong SAT or ACT score above subject tests at this point.

If she hasn’t taken them by now, almost certainly. If she’s been prepping, and getting very high scores on practice tests, it may make sense to take it, if she can soon. Test optional schools still look at scores if available and a high score will help.

But Subject Tests are usually taken May/June with material fresh in a students’s mind from a class. Even the few schools that recommended them in the recent past won’t expect them in this application cycle, and most students won’t perform as well with a summer to forget the material.

D20 did not take any subject tests at all because we found they weren’t necessary at any of the schools on her list, even last year. She did have some AP scores that she self reported on the Common App.

Unless they are required for the schools your C is applying to, then I don’t think she needs to take it.

Does Boston and North eastern still need SAT chemistry ?

@highschoolinnj Both schools are test-optional according to their admissions websites. The Seven Year BS/MD at BostonU does not specify if they are required or not, but the admissions office would likely be more than happy to confirm for you: that’s why they’re there!




Hope that helps! Good luck with admissions!