SAT Subject Tests

Due to COVID-19 I was unable to take any of the SAT Subject Tests that I was planning on submitting to Georgetown, will this be an issue with my application? I have read that they will not hold as much weight this year but I am worried my application won’t look as strong as others without them. I do have AP scores I will submit but I am unsure if they are held to the same standard and given the same weight by the admissions department.

Let me know what you think!

Georgetown accepts AP scores in lieu of Subject Tests, and gives them the same consideration as Subject Tests.

How about IB scores? Would they be considered in lieu of Subject Tests?

They don’t say that they do. But since they only give credit for HL scores and almost all applicants will not have 3 HL scores by the application deadline, it would only really impact those on a gap year. But you can always call and ask.