SAT Subject Tests

<p>Does Johns Hopkins want to see all the SAT Subject Tests we have taken?</p>

<p>good question haha
I didn't take any! lol sorry I couldn't help! :(
I bet they do though...surely lol</p>

<p>Wouldn't they see all the scores anyway when you send in your score report?</p>

<p>Edit: Nevermind, I just went to the CB website and realized they've brought Score Choice back again after killing it years ago... I feel old</p>

<p>Dillion, you didn't take any SAT Subject Tests and you got in? How is that possible? I always thought SAT Subjects were a requirement.</p>

<p>^ sry, ignore that. I got it :)</p>

<p>They are not required for JHU - their website says "recommended"</p>

<p>yeah! See somehow...I never read anything about SAT subject tests lol
on like any site...idk why, but I applied to like Cornell...and theirs are required haha
I just assumed like most schools..they just wanted either ACT or SAT and that was it hahaha
oh well lol
I didn't know that until after the deadline... but Hopkins doesn't require them...but they do "recommend" at least 3 of them!
I still got in somehow! haha I was so happy :)</p>