SAT Subjecy Scores 700+

<p>How did you study for that SAT Subject (What subject and how much devoted hours?) What month did you take it? What kind of Books and Prepping did you use? How long did you spend on each question?</p>

<p>I got a 770 in USH and all I had to do was do my HW and pay attention in my APUSH class (my teacher was great ,btw. That probably helped.).</p>

<p>I took it the weekend in the middle of AP exams... I got 800's in Bio-M and Math II and a 770 on Literature. It helped that I was already in the middle of studying/reviewing for my AP classes, which made the SAT II's easier. I didn't study for the math or literature, since that's just kind of core knowledge for me, and I believe I might have looked over the Princeton Review AP Bio book the night before to brush up on a few chapters I wasn't quite as strong in... but other than that it wasn't so bad.</p>

<p>I reviewed for Math II and US History by studying out of the Kaplan books for a week prior to the test. I took it in June of my junior year and got over 700 on both tests.</p>

<p>do u suggest taking the subject tests the week of ap exams in may? or in june</p>

<p>I suggest taking them in June, preferably after you've taken your corresponding AP tests in the subject.</p>

<p>And how to study for them? Don't. Just study for AP and then simply hold it in your memory from May to June.</p>

<p>i got 790 on world history. Never took a class and spent only 3 weeks reading kaplans before taking the test</p>