Sat submission... please help time's running out!

I got a 1360 on my second try at the SAT up from a 1220. The score wasn’t as high as expected due to Covid, the setting, and the constant threat of being infected. Should I submit this score to universities like NYU, Cornell, WashU, UMadision-Wisconsin, BostonU, USC, Northwestern, UChicago, etc?
→ GPA: 4.0/4.0 Unweighted
→ Letters of recommendation are good
→ Supplementals and Common app essay is good
→ Extracuricurllars are very unorthodox so I don’t know if they’ll have any weightage or not.

Don’t submit the score. It’s low for the schools you listed.

I also would not submit that score to those schools, unless you are URM. If you are URM, then it would be a decision to make at each specific school. I can’t make those recommendations because I don’t know the rest of your app.

Fundamentally ask yourself whether that score strengthens your app. If it doesn’t, why submit it?

What does your HS GC think?

Honestly, my counselor couldn’t care less. Since we are on winter break she said she won’t be available or answer any uni-related questions. That’s why I’ve turned to these forums for guidance but hardly anyone replies that’s why I’d like to thank you, sir/ma’am, for replying. I could send you the things I have done and my GPA if you could help me make a decision that would be much appreciated. I don’t know if I’m a URM. I am an international student from Pakistan.

Thanks for the extra info. As an international student from Pakistan, you aren’t an underrepresented minority, so I recommend you not submit the 1360 to those schools, with the exception of U Wisconsin where the class of 2023 average SAT was 1381. At UWisc I would submit, as long as your two subsection scores are not out of balance (for example, M 800 and EBRW 560)

Do you have at least one affordable safety school on your list whether in your country or the EU/UK? It’s unlikely any US schools will be safeties for you.

Good luck.

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I do have safties in my own country. If possible please take a look at the application. I know it’s probably super weak. I don’t even know why I’m bothering to apply to be honest.
→ I have a 4.0/4.0 UW GPA
→ I come #35 out of 950 students at my high school
→ Have taken the SAT twice got a 1220 then a 1360. Both scores are terrible. The second score was heavily impacted due to Covid. Please let me know If I should submit these or not.
→ Predicted 3A* at A-Level (Mathematics, Econ, Business)
→ Wasn’t allowed to partake in extracurriculars due to some reasons but tries my best to pursue those things which I’m interested in. I know they are extremely unorthodox and probably have no weightage in the eyes of the admissions officers.

Started my own Charity (Unofficial- Doesn’t have a name and isn’t registered yet)
Became a self-taught forex and stocks trader and also teach trading- to help my father financially and to pay for the charity.
took care of my grandparents on a regular basis.
tutored my younger cousin
was the captain of 3 business competitions
Am an unofficial fitness trainer and nutritionist
Am a micro Instagram influencer- make my own content/earn some money too.
Miscellaneous activities/hobbies- participated in a couple of badminton tournaments at my club, frequently paint/draw, etc
→ I also faced certain extenuating circumstances because of which I got mediocre O-Level results and because of which I was also not allowed to participate in ECAs.

There isn’t much more to say. Do not submit that score, as has already been advised several times.

Everyone is in the same boat with ECs and test scores. I’m not seeing anything that makes you stand out in comparison to others.

Being blunt, your chances are low. Are the app fees going to be a hardship? If so, I honestly might reconsider applying to all of U Chicago, Cornell, Northwestern and Wash U.

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App fees aren’t an issue. I agree with you. My chances are close to 0. Will just pray that NYU admits me and gives me a good amount of financial aid. 3 of my friends got 100% hoping I’m lucky too. Applying ED2.