SAT sucks

<p>Got an avg score... I think my 1240 can get me into Harvard.</p>

<p>Does sentence completion and rigged math problems really determine your life? Sadly, it does.</p>

<p>i hate the braggers on this site who post their scores like it is their name. who cares that they got 1580s or 800s on all of their SAT IIs. really, do others need to see how exceptionally well they did. its not like there are college freshman recruiters seeking out people on this site with 1600s for ivy schools. my belief, you get 1400 plus, keep it to yourselves and save others the agony of getting scores 100 or even maybe 400 below that of yours. that is all i have to say o_0</p>

<p>gh0st, this is a forum regarding standardized testing. Discussion of SATs at both ends of the extreme (high scores and low scores) shouldn't be surprising, and definitely should not be taken as tactless. If any poster truly acts arrogant about the score, he or she is reproached.</p>

<p>I think a lot of people don't to brag in real life and so they do it here "anonymously" to get a feel good rush...although I think CC really shatters a lot of bubbles.</p>

<p>yeah they get a rush. At the end of the day, it only matters if you are a good person and are successful in life.</p>

<p>I hate how I went to this site and saw so many 1500s OMFG I NEED TO RETAKE. I bet those type of people are textbook and just will not make their own company or start something new.</p>

<p>lol... the worht of a man isn't defined by how many companies/innovation he starts.</p>

<p>But then it's also not defined by his sat score.</p>

<p>Honestly, there's no need to be sour to those high scorers. Textbook or what, they still earned their high scores. You can't blame others for being overachievers -- that's simply personality difference. I don't like the idea of SAT, it's completely crippling my application, but whether you want to admit it or not, it's truly helpful.</p>

<p>Btw, I got a 1280. That's horrible, considering that and I'm the first in our class of 250. I feel like I've just shamed my school with my mediocre scores, but I know it's my fault anyway.</p>

<p>Peace everyone.</p>