SAT Superscoring over multiple years

I have a kid who took the SAT first March 2019 and would like to test again now (late 2020) to improve on the math score. Will he be able to superscore across this time period?

Assuming the college superscores, sure.

As long as the first test was taken in freshman year or after, and the college does superscore (many do not), the college will superscore the two tests absent the application for college not being done with a Covid-related rule (e.g., if student is currently starting senior year and will apply this fall for entry into 2021 freshman college class, there are colleges that usually require test scores which are not going to use test scores for those applying during this upcoming fall, or are making them optional and not really doing any super scoring).

Just curious for opinions - what if one of the tests was from 8th grade?

How many people would that really impact? Relatively few take as 8th graders. And for those that did take as 8th graders and then took as juniors, how many would not show improvement on both sections? For those relative few, my guess is that math dropped from 800 to 790.

And then, if the college does not consider scores before 9th grade, then the exercise is moot.

My D22, for one. Which is why I’m curious. There were at least two thousand students in the various Grand Ceremonies at CTY and TIP that would potentially be in the same situation.

I don’t know how many improve and don’t. Rather than assume it affects no one and they saying it doesn’t affect anyone, and dealing with only schools that explicitly exclude them, and saying it doesn’t matter for those schools, how about we assume there are students who are affected, with meaningfully lower scores, who are applying to schools that don’t explicitly exclude earlier scores.