SAT test and answers

In the case of ACT, we can order the test booklet and the answers that the student submitted.
For SAT, is it possiblt to order the test and answers that the student took ? If we can, is it too late for the June test?



@annamom – College Board offers QAS for Oct, Jan & May SAT exams only. I do not know if this policy will change with the administration of the new SAT next March.

hi CT1417, What is QAS?

If you pay for the QAS you get a copy of the test, including the correct answers and the curve.

QAS is Question & Answer service, IIRC. Just google that term along with College Board and you should land on the correct section. You can order QAS for up to four, perhaps five, months after the test date, or you can order when registering to take the exam. Material arrives approximately one month after scores arrive.