SAT TEST "B" Discussion Thread

<p>Since we have one going for test A, lets get one for Test B. This was the one with :</p>

<p>Elaine (Married couple drawing one)
Track Boy
Tectonic Plates
Negative Ads</p>

<p>Test B FTW</p>

<p>Did u get three writing sections in the test?
I got that too.</p>

<p>Which one was the experimental for writing?
there was a freakishly hard one and super easy one.</p>

<p>^ yea same here. i think section 2 (hard one) was experimental cuz it came right after the essay</p>

<p>I hope so dude. the one that came out on section 2 was insane...
Well, not insane insane, but i mean... section 2= 570-600. other section= 700 to 800.
i mean.. that much difference.</p>

<p>Uhh, i had 4 CR sections. I also had section 2 writing, so maybe that one wasnt the experimental and it was the other one for u.</p>

<p>I had a section of crtical reading where there were two short passages that were exactly the same from the college board online course.</p>

<p>The passages were about boys flattering and chasing the girl, and the properties of glass blowing or something like that.</p>

<p>Also, did anyone also have a CR section about an boy who runs in a 800 dash and tries to get attention of his father.</p>

<p>Yeah i had both of those.</p>

<p>BUMP anyone ? Did not many ppl have this version?</p>

<p>Buummp again, why did everybody had Test A.</p>

<p>Reading was the experimental section on this test. Unless the experimentals varied too... Here is the breakdown....</p>

<p>10 sections. </p>

<p>3 reading
2 writing
3 math
ESSAY (part of writing score)
1 experimental. </p>

<p>I don't think the experimental sections vary within the same test form. Reading is like, sentence completion and comprehension, writing is always improving paragraphs and sentence errors. I can see where it would be easy to mix them up though. This is for johnlee mostly, there's no way you had three writing if you had test B and the experimentals don't vary. Doesn't sound like they do? </p>

<p>I thought the first writing (section 2) on this test was pretty easy and straightforward. Not the experimental section unfortunately for those who had trouble with it. The 10 minute writing was the hardest for me! </p>

<p>SAT tests on the dumbest grammar rules I think. Only an english major or some kid who studies grammar for the sole purpose of getting a perfect SAT score would know this because most of the errors in the last section would go totally undetected if you were talking to someone... I know my grammar isn't perfect either and in my four years of high school no English teacher has ever made a note of the stuff SAT tests.</p>

<p>Idioms, either/or, neither/nor, stupid stuff like that. Something with the word between... I don't know. I skipped a few on that last section.</p>

<p>pammit I had that test. I might be able to remember if you need something answered/confirmed. I have a math question to ask though...</p>

<p>An author and a poet sold 410 books total, 40 people bought both of their books, and the author sold 50 more than the poet. How many did the poet sell?
(I think these were the answers)

<p>the answer to that was 160. 410-40= 370. (x+50) = actor. (x) = poet. 370 = 2x+50. x is 160 which is the poet.</p>

<p>Did anyone find no answer for the math question Set A is integers /3, Set B is factors of 36. the answers all had a number /3 except for B which had 2,4,14. BUT 14 IS NOT A INTEGER FACTOR OF 36!!!</p>

<p>theman5434, I remember that question! Here's what I did....</p>

<p>40 people bought both was kind of irrelevant. Now all you do is pick numbers basically.</p>

<p>B) I think is the answer....</p>

<p>If the poet sold 180 books, the actor (lol I think it might have been actor not author) sold 230. 230+180=410.</p>

<p>Ugh ICECOOL you're making me doubt myself. But I don't remember 160 being a choice and the question was basically asking the total number of books sold by each. 40 should be included in the total. </p>

<p>If the poet sold 160, that means the other guy sold 210 which only accounts for 370 books while the total is 410. Poor guys, that's not very many books at all and the literary world is a tough one.</p>

<p>For the set question I was really confused too but if you go by the rule that the question is asking, none of the answers were right. 2,4,14 was the only possible answer because it is NOT a factor of 36, but if you looked at all the other sets they were all either divisible by 3 or factors of 36, or both even. </p>

<p>If I remember correctly the question asked for the SET that could not fulfill Set A at all, not necessarily all factors of 36 though.</p>

<p>o, i think it got it wrong. i think its 180 now that i think about it. 410 altogether. subtract 80 because 40 books bought from each. 330=(x) + (x+50). x=140. add 40 books. 160 was definitely an option though</p>

<p>Edit: nvm i dont think it can be 180 because 180+(180+50) does not give 410 altogether. #stumped</p>

<p>i went back and reread the question thinking it might be 14 but A) y is 1 not there, B) the question said integer factors of 36 which then finally made me say, ***.</p>

<p>I think the answer to that one was A. The question was something along the lines of which subset falls into set B (factors of 36), but not set A (/3).
I remember all of the answers fit both except a and e.
a. (3,4,9) (fits B, and because of that 4 I assume that it cant fit into A)
e. (2,4,14) (fits into neither, like you said 14 isn't a factor of 36 or /3)</p>

<p>it was definitely 2,4,9*
and what is puzzling me is: why wasnt 1 in any of the sets?</p>

<p>2,4,9 still fits B</p>

<p>40 people bought books from both but it wasn't asking how many more people bought from the actor vs the poet. How I comprehended it was the overall total. Now I'm so confused lol. I still think the 40 is disregarded in the final equation because it has to do with totals. When I read the question, all the 40 meant was that they both sold at least 40 books. For the 40 to matter it would have to do with who bought them? Yes? God I'm so confused. </p>

<p>I think theman is right on the other question for sure. I picked either one of those answers. With the way the questions are worded it's impossible to remember lol. I probably misread and answered wrong :p</p>