SAT Test Prep

Are SAT Prep Classes worth it for Fall 2022 enrollment given that most schools are now test optional?

I never think prep classes are worth it. They are very expensive. Spend the same money or less on private tutoring, which will be tai,or Ed to your needs.

I’m a test prep tutor and many of my students have taken test prep classes without much benefit. I suggest inquiring in your community for reputable test prep tutors.

Solid SAT scores are still beneficial to a college application, despite schools being Test Optional. It’s only the small percentage of Test Blind schools where they won’t matter.

How to prepare is very person-dependant. Khan, a few solid books (Black Book, Metzler, Panda) and a motivated learner can be very effective. Others can use the guidance of a personal tutor. I usually see large group classes as a middle ground that’s not a great fit for either type of student.

Actually, you can learn by yourself. Plz remember efficient is the most important thing!
If you want some resources I can provide.

I don’t think it is a small number of schools:
FairTest | The National Center for Fair and Open Testing

However, if you need merit aid, some schools may require scores for that.

I didn’t count, but when your linked source says there are “80+” test blind schools, I assume it’s fewer than 90.

IPEDS returns SAT results for 1200+ schools, so at least that many are not test blind.

Under 7% is a “small percentage” to me. If you think it’s a large percentage, we can agree to disagree.