SAT test taken away

My daughter took the SAT test last Saturday. She finished her section early and tucked her answer book in a prior section (not the smartest idea I know). She then decided to check her answers on the current section and the proctor saw her going back to prior section to grab her answer book and she took her test away. She said she most likely will not be able to sit for the test again for the violation. We canceled the test later that day. We then registered her to take the test again next week.

As long as she can take the test again then we’re good. I don’t care about the cancelled test because it wasn’t completed anyways. When would we find out if she isn’t allowed to sit again? We have until midnight tomorrow to file a complaint with the College Board, but I’m not sure if that is necessary since we already canceled the results.

Is there anything I am missing here? Has anyone on here actually been banned from sitting for the test again for something like this?


It will probably be fine, but I suggest that you register her for an ACT now, too, and have her take a free practice ACT from their website, to see how she does on it. If, heaven forbid, they ban her for this, she can just take and submit her ACT score.

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You’ll have to wait to hear from CB. Yes, going back to a previous section is a violation of testing integrity. And yes, students have been banned from retesting for a year in the past, though I have no idea whether that’s a universal outcome.

There’s no way to predict the response, but ACT contingency is certainly a good idea.

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Thanks. We registered her take the SAT at her HS on a school test day, which happens to be next week. The school day tests aren’t administered by the College Board and my understanding is that CB cannot stop her from taking it on a school test day. I guess we’ll see what happens.

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