SAT TIPS Help Please!

<p>I took the SAT "cold" in January and got a score of 1830 (650 CR, 580 Math, 600 Writing, 11 essay). I'm aiming for a score around this range: (700-730 CR, 700-720 Math, 750-780 Writing). However, I'm having a few problems with math and writing. I don't know the grammar rules, and I don't know how to solve the harder math problems presented late in the test. Anyway, I plan on studying the SAT over the summer to take the test in October. I've seen Xiggi's advice and Silverturtle. No offense to Silverturtle since I'm sure he destroyed the SAT, but I did notice an error or two in his grammar guide.[this isn't a diss] </p>

<p>In addition, I've found that I always run out of time, and never finish a section in time, and end up having to guess. But ultimately, the problem at hand is just my lack of the knowledge tested. So, what are some resources I can use other than the blue book to "patch up" my weaknesses?</p>

<p>Furthermore, what are some "SAT strategies" I can/should use for the mathematics/writing section? BTW, I have Grubers. Thanks.</p>

<p>Here are some tips that I posted in another thread that I think would be relevant to your situation (I'm only commenting on the math section):</p>

<p>(1) Learn SAT specific math strategies. If you don't know these, then you are putting yourself at a serious disadvantage. For example, if you find yourself doing algebra or complicated computations, then you are not optimizing your score.
(2) Practice SAT math problems 10 to 20 minutes per night. This will maximize your retention and keep you from burning out.
(3) Redo every problem you get wrong OVER and OVER and OVER again (a few days apart each time) until you can get the question correct ON YOUR OWN.
(4) Practice problems of the appropriate level.
(5) Practice tests should be taken just a few times to make sure you are applying all the right strategies under timed conditions, and to make sure you are familiar with the structure of the test. This is NOT the time that you are actively improving your score.</p>

<p>Some other remarks:
(1) It sounds like you're doing too much guessing. If you can't eliminate a single answer choice on a multiple choice question, DO NOT GUESS. Guessing here will lower your score. Only guess if you can eliminate at least one answer choice. On grid in questions you should take guesses.
(2) Stop being so concerned about running out of time. With your current math score, your goal should NOT be to answer every question. According to my own chart, with a current score of 580 you do NOT need to get to the last one or two questions in each section (for the section split between multiple choice and grid ins you don't need to attempt the last question of each type).
(3) Unfortunately this website prohibits me from pointing you to other resources since I have a professional bias, but here are a few very simple strategies you should be implementing:</p>

<p>(a) Plugging in the answer choices (and in particular, starting with choice (C) )
(b) Picking numbers
(c) Drawing pictures in geometry questions without their own figures
(d) Trying simple operations</p>

<p>Best of luck!</p>