Hello. So I got a 1460 on my first SAT and 1500 on my second. My superscore is a 1520 and I had an essay of 16 on both tries. I just took the ACT trying to superstore for a 35. I got 35 35 22 28 (I basically stopped trying after math) and was going to try and get a 35 on both reading and science on my next try. But I just saw I got a 7 on the essay. Does it make sense for me to retake either test? I am nervous that even if I get a 35 ACT superscore it won’t help too much but the essay may bring me down.

essay score is really not a big deal

Does it make sense for me to retake them? How does a 35 or 36 act look compared to 1520 SAT. How does a better SAT score really change my odds?

Not many schools superscore ACT, just FYI. ACT is best talked about in terms of composite. What is your best composite ACT? not this 30?

That was my first try… the next time I will aim for perfect on the last two sections. I don’t understand how much it would help me if I got a 35 though

I don’t understand what you mean? Do you have a comp ACT of 35?

I am essentially asking if it is worth the time and preparation. Right now I have taken the ACT once. What happened was that I got my SAT score right before the ACT so I realized I might as well just try for a 35 ACT superscore. Thats why I went back to the first two sections to get 35s and got 20s on the last 2. I believe it’s (a 35) in reach but is it worth it getting a 35 ACT after a 1520 superscore SAT? Would it make much of a difference, if any, if I got that?

35 is a significantly better score than a 1520. If you think you can get it in single sitting (not super score since many colleges don’t superscore the ACT), I would go for it.

Again, the super scores only count if your target schools superscore as you are calculating. You have an ACT of 30 and an SAT of 1500 (that is a 33 ACT). So sure, your SAT is the best score. Should you retake the ACT? Only if you are going to get a higher comp score IMO, than 33.

Right but almost all of my schools superscore SAT. So wouldn’t those schools consider my score as 1520?

Is it really significantly better? Because the conversion says 1520 converts to 34. Also does it make sense to submit a 35 with a bad writing or a 1520 with a 16 writing?


35 would place you at 75th percentile or higher at literally every college.
1520 puts you at around average around most elite colleges.

What does your 1520 break down into?

My 1520 is 800 math 720 english. I will take the ACT but am not sure if I will get 35 or maybe a 34. Now how does a 34 look instead of a 1520 SAT?


It would be beneficial for you to bring your english score up to a 750.

For the uber selective schools, as an unhooked ORM, it definitely helps to score 750+ on each section. (IMO, the total score out of 1600 doesn’t really matter as much.)