SAT too low?

<p>I have a friend who applied ED to Brown, and is nervous about her application. I'll give her stats as best I know.</p>

<p>GPA: 4.0W
Rank: Top 10% at a competitive HS
SAT: 1350 (I'm not sure of the breakdown of V and M, sorry!)
Honors/AP/IB classes:
grade 10: Honors English, AP Euro.
grade 11: Honors Spanish, AP Economics.
grade 12: Honors Math, AP English, AP Government, IB Environmental Science, AP/IB Spanish.</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure she has received a 4 or 5 on all AP tests taken so far.</p>

Viola-8 years
Captain of the fencing team- 2 years
Junior Olympics+ other tournaments--fencing
Thespian Society member- 4 years
Model UN- 4 years</p>

<p>Um, there's probably more that I don't remember.</p>

<p>I know she's worried about her low SAT score...anybody want to give predictions that I can pass on to her?</p>

<p>Please? Any help?</p>

<p>though her SAT is a tad on the low side, brown is not a school focused solely on numbers. No one on here can give predictions of acceptance or rejection for her because brown relies so heavily on essays and recommendations, and everying else BUT test scores and typical ECs.</p>

<p>the average SAT score at brown is i think 1390 so obviously a 1350 is not going to get her rejected</p>

<p>yea don't worry about it...brown is definitely a school that considers the admissions process to be more subjective rather than looking at numbers and they will look more at you as a person...i know this because this guy from my school got into brown with a 3.1 GPA last year</p>

<p>Brown regularly rejects 75% of the people that apply with a 750-800 on math or verbal. Brown also accepts hundreds of people with scores that are lower than yours. Having a higher score would improve your statistical chances, but I wouldn't worry about it because it is clearly not what Brown emphasizes
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<p>ohh a fencer? hopefully she spoke to the coach. that will help a lot. im a fencer too!</p>

<p>wow, lots of fencers, I fence as well</p>

<p>yes your sat is low. Sports = big plus. You should take it again. But i think if you are what you claim to be, a solid essay + maybe a demo that represents the mastery that you have accomplished in viola. What competitions have you won in both categories? Where have you performed that might be worth while noting? That should definitely bring up your name on their list. Where are your SAT2s??!!?!? You need them!!</p>

<p>Okay, I'll mention this all to her. I have no idea if she set up an interview (I told her she should!) and I doubt she's spoken to the fencing coach.</p>

<p>Um, I don't know anything about her SAT IIs, sorry. </p>

<p>Thanks for all your help everybody!</p>

<p>and the fencing is probably only a big plus if you're on the national points list. Brown doesnt make money off fencing like they do off Footbal or some other more popular sport, so don't rely too much on your fencing unless you're really really good.</p>