sat total scores??

<p>Do colleges look at composite sat scores at all (like your total score out of 2400 on one day)? I know that most ask for your best individual cr, math, and writing scores, but i'm wondering if the total in one sitting still counts. I got 800 CR, 800 Math, and 640 W my first time, and march was my second time taking, so is it bad if I didn't do well on CR and Math this time?</p>

<p>It depends on the college, most take highest of each section but some (ex. the UC's) take the highest one-sitting.</p>

<p>but do other schools (even the ones that focus on highest in each section) at all consider total scores from each sitting?</p>


<p>ye...i'm interesting in this question too...because that really takes the stress out of taking SAT's and making sure EVERYTHING is perfect in a single sitting.</p>

<p>I believe college's will look at your best score from each section regardless of how many sittings you took. Some however (the UC's and PSU Schreyer) look at one sitting.</p>

<p>So usually, schools like Ivy's will only ask for you best in each subject, or will they still be able to see your other scores in those sittings? In the columbia app, I noticed they only ask for best score of all unless they go out of their way to see all your scores, then does that mean it's all they see?</p>

<p>They can see all your scores because they have your score report, but i was just wondering if the other scores matter at all.</p>