SAT v ACT comparison

<p>So I am having trouble deciding which scores to send:</p>


<p>Best Single Sitting: 670 CR 660 M 790 W = 2120
Superscore: 690 CR 680 CR 790 W = 2160</p>


<p>33 E 34 M 31 R 24 S = 31 Composite</p>

<p>Thanks for your help, I am stumped on this one. BTW, I have gotten A's in every single science class I have taken(AP Chem, AP Physics B, Bio, etc.) so I am having trouble understanding my failure there( thought you might need to know that to put it into perspective) also this is the first time I have taken the ACT and in all honesty i didn't really study at all.</p>

<p>31 corresponds to 2060, so your SAT score is better. Unless it is specifically required by the school that you send all scores from both testing agencies, there is no point in sending your ACT score.</p>

<p>thanks for that, I was pretty sure I would send the SAT, but I also want colleges to know that I don't suck at math(the SAT math score i have is low).</p>

<p>The only situations in which sending the ACT as well would be helpful is if the school superscores across the tests (a very rare practice) or does not consider the Writing section of the SAT (several schools are this way).</p>