SAT verbal 500. am i doomed?? - of course!!

<p>ohkay here is thing. i got america 4 years ago. (but i am not an international applicant) then i took 2 years of ESOL(aka ESL). I took oct. SAT and i got my score today. it just shocked me. i got a lower score than my August diagonostic test ; simple, clean 500 (what the..). .... thus i plan to take Dec. SAT1 .. (i dont know whether i can improve that score. i preped a lot already. and i dont know whether i will have time to do more prep due to lots of activities and so on)</p>

<p>i was going to ED JHU BME.. but now i dont know what to do.
what should i do??</p>

<p>even my math isnt perfect ; 760 (i dont know what i did wrong. i thought i got all right based on CC!!)</p>

<p>seriously .. plz help me out. what should i do.
I am thinking about takin' TOEFL , but most people say it's useless or dont have alot of meaning..
advices would be extremely helpful.</p>

<p>p.s : a fact that even international students got better than 500 on SATverbal saden me T_T
(what have i done?? you know..)</p>

<p>Study vocab. Get a book or try <a href=""&gt;;/a> . If vocab is killing you, you could try the ACT (little or no SAT vocab required). There are a number of methods for the other questions, check out the SAT forum in this site. Still apply for ED JHU BME. You still have a chance of being accepted. If you don't, up that SAT score (you can do it if you take at least a month to study vocabulary), and you'll be fine. Then comes the part about ECs and stuff.</p>

<p>thanks javis as usual ^_^</p>

<p>do you think it's better to ED with my current score or to wait for regular decision with a hope of better score on Dec. SAT??</p>

<p>i've never think about ACT, since i didnt want to double my preping workloads. but i guess it was my stupidity not to explore both worlds before stuck with one. Do you think i should take a look at ACT before starting to prep for Dec SAT? (only a month left)</p>

<p>also. do you think TOEFL does count a bit? should i take it???</p>

<p>oh also. how important are essays and recommendation/evaluation at JHU??
(like i heard Columbia and Brown count them a lot. but never heard about how JHU do.. so.. if anyone knows please tell me :-)</p>

<p>Stick with applying ED. The worst you can be is deferred. If you don't get accepted ED, you will automatically be re-evaluated during RD. Hopefully by the RD deadline you'll have improved your SAT score.</p>

<p>My suggestion on the ACT, is that you still take it, but still focus on the SAT. If you do poorly on the ACT, it won't matter because you'll have the SAT score, but if you do well then it'll be a supplement to your application. </p>

<p>I'm not too familar with the TOEFL. Someone else should answer. All I know is that if your an international applicant with an SAT verbal score of less than 670, then you need to take TOEFL. The wesite also recommends that you take TOEFL if your not a native english speaker.</p>

<p>Recommendations are still pretty important. For BME they may play a bigger factor because fewer students are accepted.</p>

<p>javis, thank you so much for nice advice.</p>

<p>deadline is approaching really fast, and i am wondering and dont know what to do T_T
a dilemma is whether i should go for BME or NON-BME.. (yes, i do want to do BME, but there is still some other similar majors outside of BME division)</p>

<p>if you have any thoughts on this, please reply me!!</p>

<p>p.s : i tried to find some statistic how many BME-intended applicants are accepted into regular(non-BME) JHU. also I wanted to know whether BME-applicants who are denied, are automatically RECONSIDERED for non-BME JHU. (or is this case very rarely happened?)
but i couldnt find any answer.</p>


<p>hi there. i am an international student wanting to go to jhu. could u please tell me if i stand a chance here.
SAT 1240 1st try
SAT 1380 2nd try (760 math, 620 verbal)</p>

<p>SAT2 math2c 740, writing, bio mol. to be given</p>

<p>high school.
eng lang. 94
math 90+
chemistry 93
biology 96
physics 86</p>

member of the prefectorial council
member of the public speaking club
member of the community service club
member of the badminton team
first prize in art competition city wide
first prize in elocution contest school wide
volunteer work in a charity instituition of disabled kids
i've also given the Alevels with decent grades</p>

<p>can i waive TOEFL on my eng language grade and a good writing score since i didn't get a 670 on my SAT verbal.</p>

<p>my reccomendations are pretty good as well.please advise me accordingly</p>

<p>heres just an add on to these 2 posters, if the rest of your application is stellar, can you get in with a B+/A- avg?</p>

Apply BME. Applying BME does not change your general hopkins admission. So you are just as likely to get into just hopkins as you are if you also applied for BME. A lot (actually I think most) BME applicants have been accepted into JHU, not all of them have been accepted into the BME program. The other majors sound similar BioChem/BioMech but actually do not have any courses in common with BME other than the core courses (physics, chemistry, math, etc).</p>

<p>thank you , javis. you are rocking my sAx</p>

<p>and here is my 2 cents. (remember i do NOT know much.)</p>

<p>Arseus/ i guess you perhaps have better chances than i do, since you got 120 better score on SAT1 verbal. if i were you, i would still take 620 verbal. What i understood was you dont HAVE TO take toefl, if you are confident. however a official standard is 670 and i wont take a risk.
(gosh.. my verbal score really sux.)</p>

<p>abrandel05/ i would say "YES". GPA is an important factor but not everything, and B+/A- avg is still good enough i believe. also if your HS is well known and your course load is tough i think you will have a decent/good chance. (of course it's all depend on how stellar your applicantion is , and all that jazz.)</p>