SAT Vocab

<p>How do you remember vocabulary for the SAT efficiently and effectively?
(with flashcards)</p>


<p>bumpppy bump</p>

<p>I think that if you have read a lot of good beeks over the years, you get exposed to many of the SAT words. It might help a little to learn some Latin or Greek roots to look for if you do not know the word. Best of luck.</p>

<p>oh but i only have a month to study since my sat is in october.</p>

<p>why dont u take the nov one instead?</p>

<p>Because The november one is kind of pushing it with college apps.</p>

<p>Study the words, write whether they are negative or positive, and study latin roots.</p>

<p>Overall, don't get caught up studying for long periods of time on the vocabulary. The hard ones only make up a portion of the CR section, remember to keep your studying mixed. My SAT tutoring sessions eventually ended up being vocabulary memorization sessions and I was trying to learn all of the vocabulary at the expense of everything else.</p>