SAT vocab

<p>okay i have a question on my last SAT that i took i scored fairly well on the vocab but i'm retaking it because i think i can get higher what words do you study for the SAT's and things like that?? help would be much appreciated. Thank-you!</p>

<p>I heard that 1000 word list from KAPLAN is very helpful and does reflect a LOT of words that appear on the actual tests. Studying the word roots is also a good idea because you'd be able to predict vague meanings of totally unfamiliar words. But above all, nothing beats reading as many books as you can!!! Try to expose yourself to an broad range of reading materials!!</p>

<p>on urban dictionary, there is a guy saying that Xiggi posted in the past (2004)a must-known word list...Is there anyone that still keep it?</p>

<p>I have a book called Word Smart. The list is great.</p>

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<p>tons of great vocab here.</p>