SAT vs ACT Dilemma

<p>So I just got my ACT scores back...
34 E (33 combined with a 10 essay)
34 M
34 R
....29 S
Composite: 33</p>

<h2>I'm extremely disappointed in my science section. In the two practice tests I took, I scored a 35, followed by a 36. Timing absolutely killed me here, and I had to guess on a whole section.</h2>

<p>Now here's my sat...
760 CR
680 M
760 W (10 essay)
Total: 2200 / 1440</p>

<h2>I was extremely disappointed in my Math score here. I'm notorious for making stupid mistakes, and the fact that 4/6 of the questions that I got wrong were "easy" really bothers me. </h2>

<p>On to my question. I'm a senior applying to the Ivys (Dartmouth, Brown, Cornell), having already applied to UMD and Georgetown as a Physics/Bio major, with a double major in a language. My grades are great, I have a strong set of ECs, and will have good recs and essays. Will these test scores really hurt me? </p>

<p>Should I send both scores, or just one? The ACT proves that I'm better than my 680 Math, but it also makes it look like I'm bad in science (even though that's really just glorified Critical Reading, which I do well in.) Would the Ivys look at these score in context to one another, or is it just "does he meet the bar?" What I mean is, would they say, "oh, a 680 math, but a 34 ACT math? That balances out!"? Would they not accept me as a science major if my Science score is low (I doubt it, but...)?</p>

<p>I guess I may still have the option of taking another round of tests, but should I? Which one should I retake, if I do?</p>

<p>Thanks in advance, everyone, and I apologize for the rambling questions!</p>

<p>I moved it to the SAT & ACT section, sorry bout that!</p>

<p>submit SAT if you're doing science</p>

<p>and then take SAT math subject tests and get a good score to balance out the okay SAT I math score.</p>

<p>Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it! I took Math II, and got a 720... do you think that that would be good enough, or should I retake it and/or the SAT/ACT?</p>

<p>Anyone? bumpage...</p>

<p>I think that's good enough</p>