SAT vs. ACT--> reading!

<p>What do you guys think are the differences between the SAT reading comprehension questions and the ACT reading comprehension questions? Difficulty-wise, type-wise, time-wise, etc. etc. </p>

<p>thanks !</p>

<p>I think it will really be all up to you. A lot of people say on the ACT they didnt have enough time.</p>

<p>In MY opinion, the ACT reading was easier in every way.. difficulty, type, time. I had time left over for the ACT reading section. The SAT readings I would barely finish on time. </p>

<p>Take my 33 ACT reading vs my 590 and 600 SAT critical reading, for example</p>

<p>I had 31 ACT reading/660 SAT CR</p>

<p>Im not sure if my ACT reading equates to a better SAT CR score. But take it for what you will.</p>

<p>D had a 32 ACT reading and a 520 CR on the SAT.....</p>

^ </p>

<p>Those are some big differences.</p>

<p>Reading I got a 34ACT/ 680 SAT... go figure</p>

<p>620 SAT (with prep, but did not study any vocab), 32 act reading (no prep)</p>

<p>In straight up reading? The tests about the same in difficulty. But when you factor in the SAT's crapshoot vocabulary questions that somehow constitute reading comprehension!!!! Yeah, the ACT would be easier in that respect.</p>

<p>Time-wise, the ACT felt a bit harder. Question-wise, the ACT is much easier: the questions are very straightforward.</p>

SAT's crapshoot vocabulary questions that somehow constitute reading comprehension!!!


<p>someone is mad... ;)</p>

<p>thanks for all your replies!</p>

<p>when i was doing some practice reading tests for ACT after a loooong time of doing SAT reading questions,,, i felt like the questions for ACT were more like "fact-based" from the passages rather than inferences like the SAT. And you actually have to read/understand every detail from the passage more than you owuld for the SAT.
Therefore, rather than the difficulty being the problem for ACT, I think the time was more of an issue. </p>

<p>Would you agree? This is only based on practice tests from several test prep books such as pr, barron's, mcraw hill, etc.</p>

<p>How would you recommend reading the passages. I do fairly well on questions but I tend to take a long time reading the passage, leaving me with very little time at all. is it better to read straight through with an active mind so that you can save time or UNDERLINE while reading( which takes a bit longer)?</p>

<p>UNderlining helps to circle main ideas and keep me focused. It just takes longer though</p>

<p>500's CR (no prep)
~31 ACT Reading (no prep, but way out of time limit)</p>

<p>After preparation (~7 practice tests)
CR: will announce later
ACT: 33/34 (within time limit, barely)</p>

<p>I feel like the ACT reading is easier because there are less passages... and no direct vocab!</p>

<p>The SAT has more time, while the ACT reading is much easier. If you're a slow reader, the SAT will be easier most likely.</p>